Botswana, Africa

Botswana, Africa
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chickens and Turkeys

Dumelang Borra le Bomma!

I can't believe a month has gone by since our last blog posting. Time is going by really quickly, which is strange because things generally happen verrrry slowly here.

So, a funny thing just happened to me which made me think that I should write a posting because I wanted to share it with people at home who could have a little laugh about it too. I was sitting here on the computer and started hearing some clucking getting louder and louder. This, of course, is not strange. We are used to all of the chickens, goats, and donkey's that wonder around the village by now. But then I looked over and this chicken and all of her chicks were inside the house! I guess she was just checking things out looking for a snack or something. So I took this picture. I think it is actually funny that more animals don't find there way into the house since the front gate is big enough for a lot of things to fit through. Our little puppy friend, Flea, got too big to fit through the holes but that doesn't stop her from trying and getting her little body stuck halfway in the doorway!

What else has been happening over here? Let's see, Thanksgiving was fun. We had a big celebration with some of our Peace Corps friends. We made four deep fried turkey's! Granted, they were smaller than our American turkey's but it was still a ton of food. I also liked the deep frying method for cooking the turkey...might try it sometime on my own when we get home. It was also nice to reflect on everything we are thankful for here in Botswana and at home. Being here has really made it clear to me just how much we truly have to be thankful for and it has been humbling to think about all of those things that I used to simply take for granted. We still felt a little homesick but our "Peace Corps" family has really helped a lot.

Now we are getting ready for our Christmas trip. We are going to be doing some camping and visiting Victory Falls in Zambia and also staying on a little island in the Zambezi river for a few days relaxing. It going to be a really fun trip and I am excited to see some wildlife and a different part of Africa. So look forward to some (hopefully) great pictures of the trip in the next few weeks.

Merry Christmas!